we are proud to present the beautiful and high quality wrought iron work gates, doors , spiral stairs and unique handcrafted metal work in Ghasrefelez.

Ghasrefelez Industrial Group

  • Specialist Knowledge

    we are proud to present the beautiful and unique handcrafted metal work of Ghasre Felez.we have created some of the most inspired metal work. Outstanding
    pieces for different Places.
    Each completed project is a piece of art expressing our passion. we produce different kinds of products including banister, balustrade, balconies, spiral stair, window, fence,gate, door.

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  • Traditional Iron Door

    We have a selection of door and gate throughout the web gallery, with different designs, sizes and style. Please take a look and see which style best suits to your project

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  • Quality, Service

    If you are looking for a high quality, reliable wrought iron supplier, look no further than Ghasrefelez Wrought Iron. Because we are so much a part of every aspect of our industry we understand from the ground up what is required for any large or small scale project and will be happy to supply you with quality materials at better prices than any other wrought iron suppliers in our industry

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Production Process

We currently produced a select range of gates and doors which are featured in our products catalogue. However, the wider ranges for each of our production can be seen in our gallery section & we are able to order and install any of the gates and doors in this section. If you have any questions, please just ask

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We also offer free consultations and estimates in newport coast - Call us today to schedule

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